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01-06-2010, 09:27 AM
Originally Posted by Capt.kukulcan View Post
Genesis was promised to be a way for captains to go "bodly to were no man has gone before" in a way the player could reach a star system and help the locals and even find "new species" if they worked long enough for BO's (bridge officers) and the best part was that players could share coordinates and ofcourse write a captains log as description to other captains that may go there, is this still in?
Unfortunately, after a long absence of info about the Genesis sytem devs have said they will be using it to create new and interesting worlds, like a new toolset. Nothing randomly generated for players in game time.

I understand why you would ask about Genesis in this thread, to say there has been a PvP focus in the reviews of late would be an understatement.