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10-11-2013, 08:25 AM
Hello, would you like to join our fleet? It is called Kobayashi Crew and consists of EU/UK and American time zone players. We are all friendly and helpful too. If not have a great day

We have a Facebook page and twitter.

I am only on at weekends during term times as I am in university, there are many other players online that use our raidcall chat server, and we are all mature players, the contacts listed below have played since beta and are between 32 and 50 yrs. old. (Only 1 teenager in the fleet, but they are welcome)

You would be welcome in our fleet, we have 166 members at the moment.

Join and have a look, if you don't like it you can always leave. It?s also easy to progress through our ranks and take a leading role within the fleet, you can contribute and be as involved as you like, so if you only log to do a quick mission or want to run missions with others, you will find both styles of play within our fleet.

Casual gaming to grinding missions the founding fathers of Kobayashi Crew look forward to enjoying all STO has to offer with you!
Message/mail us in game, or in the forum. (In game handle - Dave@dangerousdave1701) or email

Any questions please contact @ussmidway (American division)

@splashash and @kicker1205 (U.K. division)

Vice Admiral Davian Thule.
Fleet Support Officer.

Follow us on Twitter/like us on Facebook.


@dangerousdave1701 - Fleet Support Officer.
@kicker1205 - Fleet Tactical Officer.
@splashash - Romulan Ambassador
@ussmidway - U.S.A. Fleet Division Officer.
Vice Admiral Davian Thule.

Fleet Exploration Cruiser Retrofit.
Kobayashi Crew.
Follow us on Twitter @KobayashiCrew. Like us on Facebook.