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10-11-2013, 11:15 AM
I think they meant to say for the chest piece/helmet people they'd like you to post details.

Which doesn't neccessarily belong in this here thread being about the bugged accolades.

Or maybe it does...

Pretty sure everyone understands finishing your optionals for the accolade with a season 6 costume is the problem ?

Me personally I have the accolade bug on 2, 1 being an orion female that isn't missing chest or helmet.

So maybe post when you got the bug, how did you get the set, do you have 2 characters that both have the missing chest or helmet or 2 similar races or w/e where the bug isn't showing up on one.

Basically anything that might hint a reason for it


ps. If you remember they talked about the roxy solution that would count your accolades and optionals I think when they said it didn't resolve the problem for "everyone", I think they were talking about the chest and helmet people...

It's a reporting error®

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