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10-11-2013, 01:53 PM
Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
In order to more accurately analyze and debug the various concerns, it would be helpful if we could get a clean-cut list of what is wrong, under what circumstances.

I mean something that looks like the following:

* MACO Mk XII costume failed to unlock, when half-finished prior to Reputation System launch
* Klingon Honor Guard chest piece missing on Klingon Females
* Adapted Honor Guard helmet does not display on XX species/gender
* (etc).

The more concise you can be, the better. But being concise doesn't mean leaving out details.
Okay, round two:

* MACO Mk XII costume was unlocked prior to season 7
* "MACO Team Commander" accolade was unlocked after season 7.
* "MACO Elite Commander" accolade is not unlocked.
I think the problem is that the post-season 7 "MACO Elite commander" (that unlocks the costume PROJECT instead of giving the costume directly) accolade does not recognize the pre-season 7 "MACO Commando" accolade.

* Klingon Female.
* Honor guard Mk XII unlocked POST season 7.
* Upper body costume option is greyed out and the Honor Guard chest piece ("Be'ves") option is not available.