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Originally Posted by rylanadionysis View Post
Um, not to jump at you or anything, but there are members of the STO community, myself included, that are achiever archetype (look it up) and are seeking the accolades sets of bosses. Are you saying your gameplay is more valid than mine?
I would point out that both Mark Farmers and Achievement Hunters are forms of Achiever gameplay. Both of them are attempting to optimize their payouts here...
Originally Posted by therealguru View Post
the people that leaves fleet alert at boss spawn are hunting those boss for accolades. that's why they leave.
...and as someone else neatly pointed out, it's your fellow accolade hunters that are ditching you, for the specific reason that the game gave them the wrong named boss. For THOSE people, YOUR people, staying earns them a 30-minute ban and no accolade for their trouble. In fact, since you discount the marks as valueless, your people are going to continue bailing on you when they don't get the named boss they want. So basically, yes, I understand your position...but perhaps unfortunately for you, the logical outcome of both goals is bailing. If anything, the Mark Farmers are easier to convince to stay than the Achievement Hunters. Since Mark Farmers want a specific numerical reward, merely increasing the reward to match their needs will get them to stay. But the Achievement Hunters, like yourself? They don't get their named boss, the entire exercise was a waste of time, and you don't even care about the marks, and staying nets them a 30 minute ban for their trouble. Why should they stay and get banned on your behalf? If they are particularly generous, they might help you do some damage before they extricate themselves, but they're running serious risks of getting banned here for doing it, if you kill the thing before they can break off and leave.

Originally Posted by rylanadionysis View Post
Oh and the other thing, if you need to exploit the no-cd timer on fleet alerts for marks, youre seriously doing it wrong. I get over 300 a day (yes every day) just from running my commendation missions. I always have 3, and sometimes 4, ready to run. (not even 1 minute of time spent)
You'll get no argument from me there. I pointed out this very thing in my post: That the people farming the thing were doing it wrong just by being there, as the pay is crap, and you lose 20% of that pay for each non-fleet member present, as nonmembers effectively leech your pay for no return.

Originally Posted by markhawkman View Post
It's one thing to setup a PRIVATE instance where you do that, but it's another thing altogether to do that in PUGs. Like Rylan and Reyan pointed out, people have a wide variety of reasons to play, and your behavior is destructive in a PUG.
You'll get no argument from me there, either. I agree with you. Those people are short-sighted fools. This thread is a testament to that. This thread should not exist, and would not exist if not for their short-sighted idiocy. You'll never see me pugging this mission, ever, for the simple reason that doing so costs me between 20-80% of my pay.

The fact that this behavior exists, however, is the logical outcome of the system.

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