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# 1 Additional ground weapon slot
10-12-2013, 06:23 AM
Note to devs:

I would love to have a 3rd group weapons slot.

I just saw that an additional Ground and Space Duty Officer slot available through the Dyson Joint Command Reputation and ran a great CGE match where a variety of energy types where being used. It made me think and miss the days of having one end gear item and a second item of one's personal choice. It really added a bit of variety, originality, and personality to the missions. I used to use a Borg Tet. Pulsewave. I love both my Omega gear and bonuses but would like to have a Fleet or other top level weapon I can easily use as I run ground ESTF's.

I'd love to have a 3rd ground weapons slot and would not mind if obtaining it was integrated into a reputation system. Thanks.
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