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# 1684 Problems with TOS Constitution
10-12-2013, 06:15 AM
I have noticed when I purchased the TOS Constitution class ship (Enterprise 1701) that there
are some inconsistencies from TOS (I have been watching it so I know) the errors I have noticed are:

the warp nacelles spinning Orange things are the wrong colour the correct colours are orange and a light pink orange, I think this should be changed.

Another error are that the hull is far too shiny and the wrong colour, the panels are also incorrect as they are regular in TOS, the ship is more silver in the game than the light dull grey it should be, this also ruins the overall look of the ship.

the end of the warp nacelles are also smooth and grey in the game when they are grill like and black in TOS the balls at the end are also grey in the game and should be white, I would like this to also be fixed, I'm also sure that the domes on the bottom and top of ship should be light up.

the windows on the ship are also in the wrong place and the wrong size, this needs fixing.

I hope this is looked at and fixed, thanks for reading bye!