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10-12-2013, 07:14 AM
I'm also of the achiever/accolade archetype and do not care for FM from FA, more profitable ways to get it and do this is sort of thing solely for the accolade (so changing the reward system won't necessarily deter accoladers leaving). Once I've got them I do that event if I feel like it or want to help those that are accolade hunting (and yes I do help, I frequently shout out or offer my help in Accolades channel).

In this specific case of Fleet Alerts, the one thing I feel that makes it worse (people leaving) is the randomness of the accolades not to mention the mislabeled ones. The Khellid accolade is the biggest culprit and I feel has turned a huge amount of the accolade community off from trying to earn them or stop accolade hunting altogether because they can't take the Cryptic random generator screwing them over. If there wasn't the need to repeatedly try our luck at this sort of thing then you'd solve the problem of the accolade group leaving. STF accolades are based on completion so why not FA's? Give people an incentive to stay not reasons to bail (aside from the 30m vs few less fm reward and chance to trying to get the accolade they want).