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10-12-2013, 06:17 PM
Originally Posted by rmy1081 View Post
They put that in on purpose because people could use carriers and stay between 10km and 15 km to not die and let the pets do all the killing just to get the optional.

The beams should not be going farther than 15km. If they are, take a screen shot or a video and post it.

The game has a sort of bug when it comes to timing. As an example, in Crystalline Catastrophe, if you were within 10km when the blast started you will still die (or take serious damage) even if you fly 20km away before the blast actually hits you. So for HSE, if you're in range of the unimatrix's beam when it starts to fire, you'll get hit even if you move next to the queen or greater than 15km away before it finishes firing.
No, no, I know perfectly well about the timing bug, but I don't consider that a bug. If it starts charging before you're out of range, you deserve to die. I'm talking about hanging out that distance away while waiting for some team members to respawn (such as when wanting to ensure getting the optional against the unimatrixes, so you wait for some team members to respawn). I don't have a screenshot of it, but two nights ago, I was waiting for some team members to respawn and I was 17km away from the unimatrix. It charged and lanced me from that distance.

I'm fine with the lances preventing you from pet spamming them, but I'm not fine with getting lanced out of range (I wasn't in range before they charged). I don't use a carrier, so I don't do the pet spam thing in the first place.

Next time it happens, I'll remember to take a screenshot.