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10-12-2013, 08:01 PM
Originally Posted by fonz71 View Post
*Resolved.... for now at least

i tried disabling antivirus and firewalls, then patching to no avail.

i then uninstalled the game-cleaned drives with CCleaner- and reinstalled.

i am currently in-game. hopefully anybody else with this problem will be too.

hf kill bad guys!

now.... to reset my HUD and setings
I am on a second reinstall attempt. When I get down to 460 MB, the launcher seems to just stop downloading. Even though the launcher spins to zero, the last 460 MB doesn't seem to register. Each time I launched the launcher, the game acts like the 460 MB never existed.

I have to wait another three hours, so I can get all 7 GB back onto my drive. grrr...

I will try to use CCleaner at the end.

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