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10-13-2013, 01:19 PM
Okay since I finally sat down and read the Season 8 blogs I thought I'd speculate about this image.

I have been a palaeontology/biology junkie ever since I was a 4 yr old, by age 9 I had memorized a lot of different Latin names for lifeforms (both extant and extinct). I might have had the pronunciation messed up a bit, but I certainly knew (and know) how to write them.

The big one resembles, as you might imagine, a Tyrannosaurid. Seems the Voth have genetically engineered it to have longer arms. I think it's an Albertosaurus (judging by the Voth figure next to it it seems smaller than a Tyrannosaurus rex). The reason I say it's genetically engineered to have longer/more functional arms is because a creature like that would smash its head and chest if it existed in the wild. The Tyrannosaurid characteristic front body (huge head, tiny arms) aids in the animal keeping balance (arms became smaller and non-functional so head could become bigger and more powerful). If it had evolved longer arms the animal would fall down and die if it attempted to walk a little quicker than normal. So the Voth seem to have added the heavier armor on the back as a counterbalance...

The small one...that's tricky. It does resemble a Raptor (a large one at that, say, Utahraptor) however it does seem kind of bulky and lacks the giant second claw on its feet. It could be an earlier carnivore. Seems like a Monolophosaurus to me, size and appearance do kinda match...

I can't believe I made a post speculating on a bunch of unreleased robo-dinosaur pets of the Voth but here it is people...