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10-13-2013, 07:26 PM
Thanks for your insight.

Basically the problem is that they keybind does no recognize the variation in the potentiometer of the throttle can sense when the throttle is between 0 (lower position) and 85% (almost upper position); it seems that the control has some sort of switch for the afterburner, so when you move it over 85% it register it, but it won't register when you set it to 100%

It seems that either the game or the drivers are not able to register the changes of the analog potentiometer, and just record it when it is at 0 or 85%, which makes impossible to set the thrust speed increments unless you go back and forth with the control.

I think that it is a lost cause honestly, and it is sad, since the whole fun of driving a spaceship, would increase if Cryptic would support analog throttle controls (I can live without joystick, but the throttle would fit perfectly).

There is an app on the ipad that is able to control STO; with a UI that looks a lot like the one that they have in the show. I ignore how they are able to use a slider, while the analog throttle won't work.