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Except, the US Army RARELY ever wears that "Bus Driver" hat. Even the Air Force, for which it is better known doesn't wear it often. The Navy, however, DOES wear it regularly. Both in service dress whites and service "blues". I have even seen Chiefs wear one in their khakis.

Oh, and yes, I would like to see some added as an optional head gear. And allow us to choose what the insignia is on the hat, whether the TNG combadge, the TOS insignia, the movies insignia, "All Good Things..."/"Endgame" insignia, or even the insignia newly created for this game. Also, I would like to choose the color for the hat. If I am wearing grey, I want the hat grey. If I am wearing a division colored uniform, then I want the hat to match it. If I am wearing "Mess Dress" whites, I want the hat to be white.
You have been hacking my brain and stealing my ideas again haven't you?