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10-13-2013, 10:31 PM
Six days later...
Location: Earth Orbital Dry Dock
Stardate: 91389.4

In the cold, vastness of space, an orbital dry dock hovering near the Earth houses the newly refurbished and modified Sovereign-class starship Excalibur. Registry number NCC-101784. With small cargo vessels and worker bee crafts whizzing back and forth to the ship from a nearby starbase. Approaching the Excalibur, a shuttlecraft carrying Captain Farrior and Lieutenant Hopkins is hailing the ship that by way of onboard communications. The female pilot is of the Bajoran origin and speaks in a rather gentle voice.

Craft Flight Officer: "Starship Excalibur, this is the shuttlecraft Xerxes on final approach. Captain Farrior's party request clearance to come aboard."

Excalibur Officer Voice: -voice only on comm channel- "Xerxes, this is Excalibur. You are cleared to land. Looking forward to the captain's arrival."

(Farrior walks up behind Hopkins, who is sitting in the co-op chair. The reflective image of the ship and the dock lighting heightens the interior of the shuttle. The Xerxes approaches slow as it comes around the rear of the vessel.)

Hopkins: -smiles and look up at Farrior- "Can't wait to get her underway."

Farrior: -looks onward at the ship- "Neither can I lieutenant. Now I feel I'm back to where I belong."

Hopkins: "Who did you get as an engineer?"

Farrior: "Our old chief engineer from the Arcanus.... Rembrandt Reigns."

Hopkins: -surprised- "How you manage to pluck him from Captain Chavis??"

Farrior: "He heard through the grapevine that I was coming back to the center seat and that I was in need of an CE. He jumped at the chance. Reigns should already be onboard. And he wasn't the only one to put in a transfer."

Hopkins: "Oh??" -ponders in curiosity-

Farrior: "Andrea did as well. She took a science re-assignment on Deep Space 9 not long after I left. She wasn't totally thrilled about me leaving at the time. We'll get her on our way out there."

(The shuttle enters the Excalibur and slowly comes to soft landing in the shuttlebay. The force field of the bay is now active as it vents breathable air and the bay doors close. The Xerxes powers down, while the shuttle doors open.)

Hopkins: -sarcastically speaks in tone- "We'll, the reunion of you and Andrea should be a fun one."

(Seen coming in the bay, a tall, clean shaven black male in his mid 30's and short, trimmed hair walks up to greet them as it appears to be the chief engineer, Commander Reigns.)

Reigns: "There you are, captain. -smiles a bit- I was starting to wonder if you changed your mind."

Farrior: "Unlikely Rembrandt. You're not having problems in engineering already?"

Reigns: "Don't be ridiculous. -turns to Hopkins- You're looking good Pam."

Hopkins: "While you look like you put on a couple of pounds Rembrandt."

Reigns: -wafts his hand at her- "Meh, I can trim down in a couple of weeks. (All three walk together out the bay area) I must say, sir... I wasn't expecting to be a bit light on a senior staff."

Farrior: "Well, Rembrandt -- I'm sure a man of caliber can handle a bit of babysitting. Besides, under your savvy, they'll grow into a very efficient department. (pauses) How long until we're ready?"

Reigns: "Ohhh, 4 hours... perhaps less. I'm putting them through the paces. Efficiency rating currently at 86%."

Farrior: "Let's go for 100%. Then we can make our way to DS9"

Reigns: "Agreed..."

-To be continued-
Admiral Warrick Farrior