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10-14-2013, 04:25 AM
why would I use DEM with beams when I can equip DHC's on escorts and get more damage out of DEM per pulse?

I have a feeling marion will become much cheaper soon once the cruiser abilities roll out in full with the energy use reduction command.

AT some point, I'd honestly like to see 3 main subsets of each doff, focusing on tactical, engineer, and science focuses of each position.

a Conn officer for tac reduces TT recharge as well as boosts attack pattern effectiveness by 10%. a sci conn officer could reduce cooldown on ST recharge as well as boost base effectiveness of sensor analysis. a eng conn officer could reduce cooldown of ET as well as boost engine power by x% for 15 seconds.

a tac projectile doff could reduce reload times, like current. a sci proj doff could enhance torps with photonic shockwave(nadeon detonator). a eng doff could add a damage resist debuff to all torps.

just examples