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For those who weren't affected and may not have known about it, the maintenance patch on Oct 3rd uncovered a bug that prevented some players from being able to load the game at all.

I have no clue how many players were affected - my uneducated guess would be 2-5% of the playerbase, tops. This was fixed in the following maintenance patch a week later - at least most people who were posting in the thread reported that they were able to log in and play following the Oct 10th maintenance. A few still seemed to be having issues but either it cleared up or they gave up. :/

Anyway, I was curious if there was any consideration given to extending the CE event, since these folks missed out on a full week?

Full disclosure: I was one of the affected players, but I was able to log in from other machines (wife's laptop and work computer) so my progress was not affected, just somewhat inconvenienced. I would stand to benefit from an extension, however, as my Rom captain dinged 50 late last week and with an extension could probably complete the CE event. Just not enough hours left to get 14 shards otherwise - I think had I played right on cooldown for the time remaining I figured I'd get 13 shards. So yeah, not a completely altruistic request on my part, but it isn't like I'm gonna open a vein over it. But there were quite a few very upset players during that week - it'd be a nice gesture to help them out.