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10-14-2013, 11:23 AM
Yeah, I got all my siege ship accolades now on my accolade toon, but I never left a PUG as it's just rude... Well, I warped out once, but only because I happened to come out of red alert and the remaining ships had no way to fail killing the last couple smaller ships, was a matter of seconds, so I said to myself, "what the hell, might as well go... ".

I don't know how complicated it would be to change the random number generator a bit.

Only spawn siege ships that are missing on SOMEBODY's accolade list.

If only 2 different ships out of 15 or whatever are missing on all accolade lists on the map only one of those 2 can spawn.

That way it would be certain at least one player can score at the end and leaving early would most definitive screw one player over.

Only once ALL 5 players have completed their list it goes back to totally random again.

How about that? Too easy to complete everything that way?