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10-14-2013, 01:59 PM
Originally Posted by alphaoneoneseven View Post
1. System/Subsystem targeting:

Instead of equipping 'abilities/traits/etc.' to target subsystems on hostile ships, why not have hostile ships' primary and subsystems appear like a drop-down menu that players can select from, then the player's Tactical officer can focus weapons fire on that specific system? As the player's tactical officer's 'skill' improves, so will targeting effectiveness and the player's chance of a critical hit on a given subsystem. *Once a ship's critical systems/subsystems have taken enough damage, the player can then optionally board the ship and take it over instead of destroying it.

2. More tactical ground missions:

Cover options/controls need to be added, as do aiming from cover.

3. Green/Yellow/Red Alert:

Players should be able to change their ship's alert mode at-will, instead of always going from green to red, and only when the ship suddenly comes under attack. 'Green' is obvious, 'Yellow' raises the shields, alerts any boarding party shuttles to standby for launch, 'Red' does everything 'Yellow' alert does, plus powers the ship's weapons.
From what i am seeing none of these are good ideas at all the red alert system in the game is good as is no need to do anything to that, Subsystem targeting as a selection would require massive coding to implement which would be a waste of resources, the cover system falls into waste of resources atm because things like this takes lots of time coding and testing and they may not even have the tech to do it yet. and last what kind of ground missions are ya talkin bout elaborate please.