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10-14-2013, 02:42 PM
Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
We're coming up on an opportunity to spend time to bring the focus back onto this issue, and potentially get it addressed once and for all. In order to more accurately analyze and debug the various concerns, it would be helpful if we could get a clean-cut list of what is wrong, under what circumstances.

I mean something that looks like the following:

* MACO Mk XII costume failed to unlock, when half-finished prior to Reputation System launch
* Klingon Honor Guard chest piece missing on Klingon Females
* Adapted Honor Guard helmet does not display on XX species/gender
* (etc).

The more concise you can be, the better. But being concise doesn't mean leaving out details.

Thank you for your assistance. I hope we can get a solution in place to most, or all, of these issues by the time Season 8 rolls out, or soon thereafter.
Well, my round 2 post for this issue goes something like this:
Character: Jolanar@jadz3, Federation Engineer.

Circumstances: I have both of the requirement accolades for completing the "MACO ELITE COMMANDER" accolade, I have both of the prerequisite titles equip-able, both of the accolades are listed under my "COMPLETE" filter.
I had completed the full MK XII MACO Ground Set prior to implementation of the reputation system earning me the accolade for completing said set. However I did NOT get the final optional I needed(Infected Ground Elite) until AFTER season 7 was in place. When I DID get the optional, I was awarded the accolade "MACO TEAM COMMANDER" to say I had gotten all the optionals.

Thus: I had already gotten the first accolade and now had the 2nd accolade, but 1 + 1 did NOT in fact = 2 in this case. The final accolade that allows the project unlock for the "MACO ELITE COMMANDER" uniform did not complete as it should have. I had tried claiming a full new set of Mk XII MACO Gear from the reputation projects, but that had no effect.

I'd like to add that quite a few of my fleet-mates are suffering from this bug as well, it is by no means an isolated incident, and I have in fact also come across other players outside the fleet with the same issue both in game and here on the forums.