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10-14-2013, 08:38 PM
Yeah the Tachyon beam has increased in effectiveness. Emergency power to shields also stops the drain. And i also noticed if you do not have an emergency power ability being used or on cooldown nad have emergency to shields available it makes tachyon more rare, but hit an emergency power within range of a tac cube, gate, and/or spheres and they will all fire it at once instantly draining your shields, then all launching torps that seem to crit almost everytime or atleast do 20k damage and put plasma on you that eats the hull faster than you can hit haz emitters and evasive.

I got hit by the tachyons lost half my shields, hit with a 20k torp and plasma burn and then another tachyon when i hit evasive and flew 27k away and then was hit by a 50k crit torp the second evasive shut down. Riddle me this, how is that a fun game mechanic?

Now I do not use haz emitters or any emergency power until they start draining my shields, and when i do it comes with evasive and dueterium surplus if they get 50% down.

Personnaly i think it is a great challenge needing to be ready for it but this is just not the way to do it. First only 1 borg should use it on you at 1 time or they do not stack negating every one of them but the first to hit. Second the magic quaranteed 20k and 50k crit torps that give magic 100% buffed plasma damage that come as soon as the shields are 50% down just needs to be removed from the game altogether and the dev that thought it would be a good mechanic slapped silly(joking). Normal torps that have the normal crit chance and normal plasma burn is good enough. Not this insta-death bullpucky.
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