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I had finished my breakfast without incident and once I was out of the view of the mistresses, skipped back to the student living area with a full belly. When I arrived, a few of the other students were already awake eating rations. One of the girls looked up as I was entering and grumbled Where have you been? as I passed her and the group; I smiled replying Following the Orange Line which drew the attention of everyone as they stopped eating their rations. The girl stood up and approached me SO so what I replied. The girl walked closer and leaned close to my face So, Where does it lead? I leaned back closer to her so our noses touched Are you asking me for a favor? the older children knew about the process of Vesala (garnering of favors to gain influence and power), but weren't disciplined in the practice. The girl nudged her forehead against mine in an aggressive act I do not ask for favors, I demand answers for I am Cardassian I kneed her between the legs which dropped her to her knees; I am not so easily interrogated, I am a Cardassian. I knew that I couldn't win in a fight against this girl. I refused to allow any in the group to believe that though, and walked past them towards to formation grounds. As I passed the group, one of the guys stated he smelled the aroma of Kanar; I ignored him and kept walking.

(more will be coming)

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