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10-15-2013, 12:56 AM
I stood confidently at the formation ground as the mistresses began to gather, there were still students being kicked and clubbed as they attempted to dress on their way to formation. The shadow of the head mistress loomed over the field from the podium, silently standing with venomous eyes upon the young gaggle. Finally, the amateur formation was settled and the shadow stepped forward Finally, someone took the initiative in finding the mess hall, everyone has been here for a week and not one attempted it. What a revelation that was, our time was so skewed after spending three days in the auditorium. The head mistress slowly stalked her way towards me and stopped close enough to reveal a hairy mole on the right side of her cheek. Did you enjoy your breakfast? It looked like a full plate from where I was sitting. She sniffed for a moment, I smell Kanar. She began pacing in front of the formation, Someone in this group has been drinking Kanar while on duty. This person has failed to obey military protocol and has risking the lives of those in her command. I could feel the eyes of 200 boring through the back of my head; So, we shall prove that this individual is fit for duty by running another four hours.

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