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10-15-2013, 01:49 AM
New Romulus just near the BIG swarm of bugs next to the rabbit fields left of the spiders nest and north of the octopus farm.

If you come across a blue porta potty youve gone to far and need to make a left turn and head to the east till you see a angry pygmy hirogen wearing wooden clogs and a summer dress.

Once you arrive at the pygmy turn right avoid direct eye contact with the pygmy and walk straight ahead once out of visual range of the pygmy stop hop up and down 3 times spin around 4 times hop skip and jump to the left.

now if you did ALL that? then your a bigger fool then i thought becuase thats not directions to where im at those are the directions to the taco bell on new romulus.....which expalins the urgent need for porta potties

actually USA Southern California