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10-15-2013, 04:31 AM
Originally Posted by steamwright View Post
Actually, Neelix has good survival skills. It is how he made his life before Voyager swept him up. He was a scavenger in a pretty hostile and mostly water-less part of the galaxy. I'd not knock him in the survival department.

Tuvok likely was trained in survival on Vulcan, and a Vulcan child's rite of passage is survival in the desert. So both have survival skills, though I suspect Tuvok might have a certain efficient elegance to his approach

I'd find Tuvok interesting if I could engage him as a survival instructor. Can't say that'd last forever, but at least we'd have a common and interesting subject on which to speak.

The only thing I'd fault Neelix for is his chatterbox nature. Might not work so well if stalking prey.
That's true, Neelix did have a certain flair for salvaging his way out of situations... I'd still put more faith in Tuvok's hundred plus years of experience though