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10-15-2013, 03:41 AM
Neelix most certainly did NOT have good survival skills!

Although there are other examples, the primary (and most obvious) evidence of Neelix's incompetence, especially in relation to this thread, is the episode 'Basics' where:

By pretending to have "survival skills" that didn't really exist, he got a crewmember killed.
In fact the thing that got the crewmember killed was Neelix having him collect sun-bleached bones that would have no actual benefit (barring their use as tools, but he specifically wanted them for possible food use). And frankly, the fact that the bones were sat outside a cave should have be a big indication of danger, unless you're an idiot. Which Neelix was.

Not only that but he then insisted that a crewman do a multi-person task all by himself, ensuring extra distraction and making him more vulnerable to any possible threats.

On that same day, he went on to fail to find any food, fail to find water, fail to start a fire, and then wander off on his own in the dark. This of course lead to another person dying!

When the crew was collecting food, he claimed that an apple-like fruit was poisonous - he couldn't have known this, and there was no way of providing any real evidence; but had no problem with some mushrooms however (he didn't even look at them; he just accepted them without question), something much more likely to actually be potentially poisonous if not identified correctly.

Tuvok, however, proved to have more than adequate survival skills in 'Gravity' and 'Innocence'.


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