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Lets say you finished a long day at whatever you do, and your off to bed for the night. You go to sleep and..............

You wake up the next day in a strange bed, not only a strange bed, but you see Q sitting across from you with a bog smile. And he says:

" So you thought it was all a game or a Show on yout primitive dum down box? Well my new friend, You wanted the trek life, lets start it now. Your on the USS Enterprise, the crew is what you seen on the show you call TNG. But this crew isn't what you seen on that show. Now try to stay out of trouble will you, and don't be boring. "

With that he pops away before you can ask any questions, and your still in whatever night wear you had on. Up get out of bed, and the next thing you hear is. Intruder alert! Intruder alert! And a very loud alert ringing.

So, doing put into this situation by Q, what would you do next? Mind you your the same person you are now, you didn't gain skills to do anything in this time, your a person out of time, but you have one thing. Insight to what MIGHT happen on the Enterprise.

What Q didn't tell you, just by putting you on the ship, somethings changed from what you seen or know, but the main events are unchanged.

So what's yout next move? And no you can't make Q send you home. He will after he is done with you, that could be days, weeks, months or years, or maybe he will never send you home.

(Oh BTW this is the Far Point mission the very begining.))