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At first, I was able to keep up with the run and stayed within the gaggle of a running formation although I had eaten a heavy breakfast and suffered my first Zendonzas (hangovers to humans). The second hour wasn't as successful for me, as the mixture of Urall milk and Kanar forced most of what I'd eaten back up. I slumped over on the side of the path in cramps and heaves as the group passed by. The senior mistress passed and commented Never trust an officer that can't hold their Kanar. I forced myself upright and began running again, but was unable to keep up with the fast pace of the formation.

When I completed the run, the other students had just been released and I suffered a gauntlet of shoulder bumps and threatening murmurs. This would be the most trying time for me, a twelve year old serving in the ranks of sixteen and seventeen year olds. After stretching from the run, I headed to the showers to wash all of the Zendo (vomit) from my face and uniform. As I was washing off the mess, a mistress entered the shower area which brought me to full attention, naked and a filthy uniform in a pool of draining water mixed with Zendo. The mistress stepped closer to me and informed me that the head mistress has ordered me to report to her immediately upon completion of my shower. The one thing more frightening than flying a Groumel transport and encountering a Borg Cube was presenting ones self before Head Mistress Sol'Lyn.

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