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# 30 STO - A Dying Game.
10-15-2013, 03:05 PM
I'm pretty tired of new ships and new consoles. What we want is GOOD content and a Balance to the PVP system. We are all Tired of Grinding reputations and gear. We want a game where you log in go have some fun with your friends, spend some cash and enjoy.

Not a game where you log in grind for hours, experience no variation on the old boring missions, then jump into a PVP queue only to get miss matched on Gear, level, and broken mechanics, that's even if the the Queue engages after 25 minutes of waiting. I really Hope Cryptic look @ these comments.

I love Star Trek and that is the reason why i play STO, but with more and more Awesome games out there, the grind of a new season and the lack of balance and creativity are forcing me off STO. Please Devs Don't let STO Die.

Thanks and best regards,

-Pyro (@CarbonBlack)