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After the shower and changing into a new uniform, I reported to the Head Mistresses office. Head Mistress Sol'Lyn was sitting quietly in the dark, staring at the flames in the center of her office. I meekly stepped towards her frightened at what was to come. Real Cardassian Officers step true and confident, are you a Cardassian Officer? I responded to that question I'm not sure what I am head mistress, but I know that I will be a Cardassian Officer when I'm finished. The shadow raised her Clud'Jothen and slammed the spear into the floor creating a loud and vibrating crashThat is NOT the attitude of a Cardassian officer, if you will not speak or walk with confidence in yourself how can you expect others to follow with confidence.
I began to step closer imagining how my father and grandfather would approach this beast; Then I shall walk and speak in a fashion more fitting of a Cardassian Officer and I will not accept further beatings without striking back. The headmistress laughed and raised herself to stand before me Stop pretending to be a Cardassian Officer and start being a Cardassian Officer. Stop trying and start doing; Although your decision to drink Kanar at the beginning of a shift was misplaced, you did take the initiative to find the mess hall and confidently grabbed what was yours all along. You are now the class leader and must earn the respect of your Cardassian Soldiers, the finest Soldiers in space.