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10-15-2013, 02:55 PM
She began to pace, tapping the Clud'Jothen on the floor, she stopped in front of a stone table and picked up a piece of cloth You are now responsible for keeping that living area clean, making certain that your Soldiers are where they must be on time and not so rag tag as they've been. You will find what they need and you will provide them what they need. I stepped closer to the demonic lady Head Mistress, how will I know what they need? I'm only twelve and they're all older than I am. The Clud;Jothen raised in the air and slammed the spear tip violently against the floor. Stop questioning and making excuses, YOU are a Cardassian Officer and you WILL decide what your Soldiers need, When they need it, How they receive it, and How much they receive. Stop screeching like a captured Vole and start leading your Soldiers. You are the class leader, each time your Soldiers are wrong; you are wrong and will receive worse punishment than they receive. Their beatings will be because their leader led them astray and you will receive pain for failing. Cardassian Officers DO NOT FAIL. She tossed the cloth at my feet. Pick it up, place it on your left breast pocket and you are dismissed class leader.