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10-15-2013, 07:00 PM
The halls between the head mistresses office and the student living area seemed darker and more lonely than before. The walls seemed to smother around me, crushing my lungs like I was trapped in the clutches of a Kuklaw (similar to an earth Kodiak grizzly). I had to figure a way to convince an army of older students to willingly follow me and how I was going to get them things. I stopped outside of the doors, silently standing in the shadowy corner trying to imagine what my father or grandfather would say to me at this moment. I clenched my eyes shut, desperately trying to force my father to appear before me; a voice that sounded eerily like his growled behind me Stop Whining and step up, your not a dirt farmer anymore.

I opened my eyes, grit my teeth and marched into the living area. I tried to project my voice so the others could hear me If you are missing any issued items find me, if you want to eat find me, and we will all be awake and dressed by first Klikon. Many of the older children began laughing and joking about how I find a mess hall and suddenly am in charge. One of the guys angrily approached You know that no one will listen to you, you were the reason we had to run all day. I decided that this was one time that the group didn't need to know the truth We were already going to run all day, the head mistress just wanted a target to take the brunt. You realize that I just returned from her office don't you? I walked up to the much larger boy and pointed to my new rank Do you think if I were such a Memba (Screwball), the head mistress would give this to me? No, I'd be laying in a pool of blood right here in front of everyone. that was enough to stop the cackling and groups of students began gathering around inspecting the rank.

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