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Originally Posted by sander233 View Post
You neglected to mention: am I the Captain or am I Ensign Redshirt?

Because if I'm supposed to pull off the Picard Maneuver, no problem. I like tea. Earl Grey. Hot. And Shakespeare. And older women...

But if I'm Ensign Redshirt, I'mma putting in for additional tactical training and becoming Worf's best friend.
Just as long as I'm not the guy in the miniskirt.

Whatever's different, short of a chain of command of stubborn, targ-headed House of Duras Klingons running the ship, makes no difference. I know how Picard handled the situation with Q, and I know how to reveal the secret of Farpoint. Those are main points, which by the OP definition remain unchanged. Even if I'm a grunt, I'd be finding a way to put that knowledge to work immediately even if through the chain of command.

Farpoint, in effect, is a bit like knowing the ending to Myst. With foreknowledge of the all-important secret, its no challenge, you go straight to the secret and reveal it.