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Originally Posted by tilarta View Post
That's not an inbuilt personal shield.
It's part of the alcove he's standing in.

If he truly had one, he'd have used it on Data when said android was ripping part of his armature off barehanded!

The Borg who had a kinetic barrier had it inbuilt, because when the Borg attempted to melee him, they literally bounced off him!
You have to go a bit further with your thinking. Don't be a slave to on-screen material, think ahead. Extrapolate. *
The Borg would just do the efficient and logical thing if confronted with an enemy that would be able to seriously threatening them via melee: adapt.
As showed, they do posess the necessary technology. Nothing more is needed.

* If the devs are able to watch "Distant Origin" and think of battle dinosaurs with lasorz (which is, in my honest opinion, only explainable if they were under the influence of psychotropic substances), we can actually extrapolate Borg personal shielding against kinetic damage.
One isn't as far fetched as the other...

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