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Mason: Not friends. The only reason I'm here is because he just kept me from getting killed.

*He taps his earpiece.*

Delby, what's happening with the Level 7?

Delby *Over Comm*: I'm still following the Synthesisers. They're heading for their docking bay.

Mason: Has she done anything--

Delby *Over Comm*: That I can arrest her for? Not yet, Boss.

Mason: See if you can talk to her - or the Synthesiser Leader. I want to make sure that I don't have to set the hounds on her.

Delby *Over Comm*: Copy.

Mason: Hall, Allington's gone. I want you to pick up her trail. Find her, retrieve her.

Hall *Over Comm*: If she's gone rogue again?

Mason: She's a Level 8. You know what to do.

Hall *Over Comm*: I'll take a Hammer Squad.

*OOC: A "Hammer" Squad (H.A.M.R.), or "Heavy Armament, Munitions and Reconnaissance" Squad, is a 12-man team of highly-trained personnel. They are essentially the Republic's answer to Level 8 threats such as The Destroyer (yes, they rank Sam as being as dangerous as The Destroyer), equipped with enough fire power to fight a small war.

Their equipment consists of:

Poly-neutronium alloy mesh armour, capable of withstanding a force of 20 Gs (note: it does not take away the force of the impact, so a 20 G impact will still turn a man's skeleton to gravel - the armour just won't break.)

Type 1 Electromagnetic Manipulator Harness. This manipulates a planet's Electromagnetic Fields, effectively allowing the wearer to circumvent gravity, granting a limited form of flight.

Portable Zero-Point Energy Beam Cannon. This is a large, 1.5-metre long cannon, capable of firing a 5-second burst of Zero-Point energy. This device takes up a lot of power and thus the power cell is extremely heavy, as is the emitter itself.

Heavy Personal Energy Shield, capable of withstanding a 10-second blast from the Zero-Point EBC. Note: It does not take away the kinetic force, just the electrical and thermal energy.

Basically, they're my version of the Hulkbusters.*
*OOC: By the way wanna have Weynal in a seat of power? Of course bring the real Ramez back. I think we can manage to deal with the Synthesizer angle as well and bring a bit of an idea into making something interesting. *