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# 7 Calculations in Wonderland
10-16-2013, 08:40 AM
As Pithagoras walks onto the bridge, he notices his Chair is occupied... by Q.

Pithagoras: "Hello, again Q, glad to see you arrived at least a couple of hours ahead of my calculations. "

Q: "What fun would omnipotence be if you mere bipeds could just calculate the mystery out of it?"

Pithagoras: "For as far as it applies to such a vastly superior creature welcome aboard", making a bow and a swing with his arm toward the chair, "please feel free to use my chair for as long as you need, I hardly have use for it, but being potentially everywhere and anywhere at once must be very tiring".

Q looks at Pithagoras with a combination of a slime and disdain, a liberated borg attempting humor. The captain of this breen vessel renamed the U.S.S. Ramanujan, which is by the way a ship Q literally signed for, might just be the kind of entertainment Q is looking for.

Theatrically standing up making an even grander wave then Pithagoras did, Q replies: "Nonsense, I was merely keeping it warm for you, I know your leg implants must feel after a hard nights regeneration."

Pithagoras refusing to sit just, crosses his arms and looks Q in the eyes, remains silent for a moment too long, ensuring an awkward silence before continuing: "Either way, This ship is truly special, I must thank you again for all the autographs you gave me and my crew to trade with that big fan of yours. But we are on patrol, so before we start, I would humbly request that you return us in a time and fashion that would allow us to continue our mission without any negative effects".

Q: "There you go again, taking all the fun out of it. Would you just trust me, just this once?"
Pithagoras: "Well I trust there is a reason you came here, it's unlike Q to pop in just for a conversation. On that note, what would you like us to do today?"

Q: "Well, the thing is I seem to have misplaced a large chunk of Winter Wonderland."
Pithagoras: "Is it the Giant Snowman?"

Q: "Close, it seems someone found my secret hiding spot and has moved the snowmen."
Pithagoras: "All of them?"

Q: "Size isn't everything, I stored them in a special sub quantum containment field, quite hard to find."

Pithagoras: "The obvious questions is why haven't you just snapped your fingers and taken them back, or just create new ones.?

Q: "Create new ones? What kind of reckless fool do you take me for? No reason to make more of them when I already created them. As to why I haven't taken them back, the truth is I hid it so well it's hard to find even for someone with unlimited control over space and time. I could find it, it might just take some time and that would be, well, boring. And you and your crew do still owe me a lot of favors for helping you get this ship."

Pithagoras: "Agreed, we will try and find the snowmen for you, I have already had my science team examine the one I kept from last years event."

Q: "You what?"

Pithagoras: "I did say I was expecting you"

Q: "Not that, I'm perfectly aware of your limited potentials. You stole one of my snow men?"

Pithagoras: "I got one from the ferengi at the event, I thought you knew. About a week ago it started behaving weird like it was looking for something."

Q: "Has your science officer been competent enough to uncover the triaxilating modulation on the interlink frequency?"

Pithagoras: "Well yes and no, we used telemetry from nearby Starfleet ships to triangulate the signal after we found out how the snowman was being animated, but the subspace signal data is hard to align due to localized temporal differences far below what our differantiator can detect."

Q: "I suppose you want me to just hand you a better temporal differentiator? It's always _".

A hand gesture from Pithagoras slienced Q, it's effect surprised both of the men: "I would not say no to that offer, but we already isolated the source to a degree, after having failed our initial attempts at enhancing our differentiator, we instead accessed increasingly larger number of ships and been able to overcome the temporal differences by using reversed omnidirectional field harmonic theory. Using said theory, we found a way to amplify the source. Allowing us to pinpoint the signal to a few thousand kilometers, which seems to originate from Andor.", pausing for a second, "Unless we inverted the polarity on the second axis, but that would take us to another Galaxy altogether and that would be unlikely as any mode of travel that powerfull would potentially destroy also the snowmen."

Q: "If you already knew this, why haven't you gotten my snowmen back yet?"

Pithagoras: "And ruin the surprised look on your face? That would, how did you put it? 'Take all the fun out of it?' ", a big smile appears on the captains face, "I've made inquiries with Starfleet bases on Andor, your snowmen are most likely in a snowglobe that was excavated from the fire caves on Bajor. It?s being studied there to establish it?s antiquity and origin. I already instructed them that you would flash by soon. I'm glad we were able to find so many answers to your mysteries, it should make my calculations far more accurate next time."

Q makes a theatrical angry face at Pithagoras and flashes away, presumably to the historical artifact research facitily on Andor.

Turning around Pithagoras notices his chair gone, still smiling, he waves towards the viewscreen pointed towards Andor:
"See you in a couple of months!"

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