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10-16-2013, 11:23 AM
Originally Posted by genhauk View Post
OK ... I'm gonna say it ... Devs ... please listen up.

Take one of those Tier I / II BoPs and make one a fleet version with 5 fore weapon slots.

It would help with the ship balance in game ... not complete the balance, but help with it.
Um...NOT gonna Happen.
YOu want balance? Endgame equipment, costume choices? Roll a Romulan and choose "Federation".

That's where we're at, where we've BEEN at since the release of the Bortasque. KDF is low enough on the priority list to have a scheduled release delayed to sometime next year while they rush a Fed copy/improvement on the Tor'Khat (a fleet ship) that wasn't even on the release schedule into the C-store WITH the fleet variant (which is NOT, quite unlike the Kar'Fi fleet version, gated behind a new holding.)

The next Scheduled KDF release is a CRUISER, and it's already sitting on one IOU.
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