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10-16-2013, 03:24 PM
Except it wouldn't do the Borg any good.

Even if the Borg developed personal kinetic shields (they won't!), it still won't save them from an angry Dinosaur.

Laws of physics.

A Dinosaur can exert considerably more muscular force then a humanoid.
So they'll just lift the Borg off their feet with the sheer force of the impact.
And then keep applying pressure on the fallen Borg until the shield emitters burn out from the weight being applied.

Or just pin the Borg down and immobilize them.
You won't be doing much fighting if a group of Raptors are holding your arms and legs down.

And from the most recent Dev blog, it looks like the Voth are using energy weapons analogous to 8472.
And the Borg never found a way to adapt to those weapons, so the Voth have an instant advantage.
So, the Borg really are stuffed!

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