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# 4 Diplomatic Relations
10-16-2013, 04:30 PM
I would like to see Federation and Romulan (allied with Feds) to be able to visit Qo'Nos if they have a high enough diplomacy rank (such as Envoy or Ambassador) It seems kind of ridiculous to have the ability to visit Klingon space with nothing to do in said space. Perhaps add some diplomacy missions for Feds to work with the Klingon empire?
^^Vice Versa for Klingon characters.

Another thing I would like to see: As a pilot, I would like to see a "cockpit" view when doing shuttle missions. For me, it is a little awkward to do an external view of the ship. Though I do realize that the coding involved would be ridiculous, and I am not a coder myself, it is something to keep on the books and think about for future projects.

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