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10-16-2013, 05:22 PM
The rest of the first day was filled with heavy labor of moving irrigation piping from the supply depot to the front gates so the military could issue it out to the farmers. It wasn't easy, my hand swollen with a hole in the center. Marritza looked at scar on her right hand and returned to her memories. That night six of us missed dinner as we lay in on our concrete cots wincing at the pain of every movement.

The second day as class leader, everyone arrived where they were supposed to be on time and assembled. This was the eighth day we were at the academy and the first day of actually attending classes. First six hours were the general math, history, science, and discipline courses. The final six hours were filled with hand to hand combat, basics in weapons, land navigation, and drill. As the group began to work more as one entity the fewer beatings that took place.