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10-16-2013, 09:07 PM
In twitter:

Bran said that rep could not be account bound because it is not your character earning rep. Then make it a "Task Force Reputation" and have it bee account or atleast faction/account bound while considering our captains on an account to be of a task force. Reputation doesn't have to be for the individual, army units have reputation.

This might have to be faction specific, but i would take that over anything. I am already committed to doing this twice. I think they are letting their grand idea act as a major barrier to lots of play possibilities. Effectively they have shut off my kdf side because I have to make choices.

Nothing short of account bound or similar rep will make me happy. that would be different if they offered 10-15 missions to complete that were engaging and fun, but running the same mission 50 times on each toon has burned me.

The things they are talking about are better than nothing and I am very encouraged that it will make it easier till they realize the error made in two more seasons. However any help versus what we have now will be like getting jabbed in the eye with a steel poker and getting jabbed in the eye with a red hot steel poker.

Making it so repetitive is bad, making it less repetitive is less bad. Making it account bound is good.
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