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Originally Posted by gulberat View Post
Yeah...I've got to say, I would see the Cardassians as being more focused on psychological manipulation and political indoctrination than in arbitrariness and beating the daylights out of their students all the time. I apppreciate the imaginativeness of this but I would find it more suited to the Klingons.

That said, while I give it a different name and purpose, I drew something a while back that may very well be (sort of) your Clud'jothan.
My view is.

That the Cardassians would first break you, then teach you according to what the military wants you to know. First build a Soldiers discipline and force them to start thinking like a Soldier

Then the more technical subjects (Eidetic memory, leadership) remember these are young Cardassians so psychological manipulation isn't very defined yet. The adults have to ensure these young KNOW who is in charge and all else follows. You do see that initiative is rewarded (Able to eat and drink without being beat), gaining an advantage over others is rewarded (gained two pair of boots and a blanket). These are small gains, but these students learn the lessons.

Political indoctrination won't succeed unless the listener is disciplined enough to pay attention and believes in what they are hearing.

The psychological manipulation isn't a species ability, but a practiced one that becomes stronger with time. and a threat means nothing if the victim doesn't believe you'll follow through. Start off very aggressive and all else falls into place.