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I found this link about Cardassians, MOST is based on TV episodes and trilogies.

A Couple things I want to point out are sections

4.4.1 TRAINING and

Cardassian youth suited for ground troops are spotted early in their basic education years. Usually sons of militia follow in their fathers? and grandfathers? traditions. The families of soldiers who have made a name for themselves in service to Cardassia have vesalas that can extend clear into the Detapa Council. All future soldiers go through first year at one of the many military institutes stationed on Cardassian Prime and habitable planets in the system. Militia training is necessarily brutal, for soldiers may have to endure the harshest
of conditions in the field or in the hands of the enemy. They master hand-to-hand combat and learn expertise in a number of energy weapons. Obedience and respect for authority is ingrained into all Cardassian youth from the time they can understand orders. These early lessons are honed into strict obedience to their superiors and each student is trained to be a necessary member of his unit. Those students who are obviously brighter and more tactical minded than their classmates are chosen for command within the militia. In their second level of studies, such students will be given instruction in leadership, in
tactical and troop management, as well as continuing their rigorous physical training.

4.4.2 Life in the Militia.

Being a soldier is a proud tradition in many Cardassian families. Soldiers take pride in their profession and strive to serve their units, their superior officers and the Cardassian Union with unquestioning loyalty. Loyal service also brings pride and honor to their families, who are well-taken care of. A loyal and dependable soldier can rise quickly in the ranks.
Even after basic training, discipline is harsh. Should a soldier get himself into trouble, the entire unit is punished. Once the official punishment is meted out, it is a certainty that the punishment he gets from his unit members will be worse. These are the people he has trained and fought with, the people he belongs to. To bring disgrace on the unit is intolerable.

Although it doesn't talk about Officer training, I would argue that training for potential
leaders is harsher than that of enlisted. Those who fail out of leadership courses would be pushed down to the bottom of enlisted training or killed off. Someone who fails out would shame the family and thus wouldn't be allowed back into the household.