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10-17-2013, 01:31 AM
Grab a beer, you'll need it. This is something that caused me to stop playing STO for over a month.

CONDUIT -- Elite:
We begin the mission (myself and another fleet member I'm introducing to eSTFs), and immediately someone has a rainbow boat with so much ship damage, the icons stretched off the box.

It gets better. Two of the people in the group were afkers and just sat there. So here I am now with a level 50 fleet newbie to eSTFs (he had experience in regular STFs to see how the mission scripts work), two AFKers and a guy in a rainbow boat that doesn't even know there is an ESD to fix his ship -- so I thought.

We kill the cube, the spheres, and immediately break left and just think this guy is helpless and unable to do anything.

As we are done with the first cube and get all the gens to 10%, we see we get an optional failure. "WTF", I think, and look over, and the rainbow boat, went right, and killed a generator on his own.

He then, in group says, "LUL!" and leaves. Myself and this fleet member is now having to take on not just our side of spheres, but the other side that this obvious troll just triggered.

I'm the type of person where I just don't like having any emotion but enjoyment when playing a video game and this taught me that this was not a possible achievement in STO. I quit the game for over a month because of this, I couldn't understand how PWE could have a system in place that not only allows this behavior, but promotes it.
Said NO to Arc. Gets punished by not being given a free outfit, free lobi, and free shuttle. Now forced to use Arc's site when trying to get to STO site. Still not rewards for beta testing the Arc website by force. Bravo Cryptic.