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10-17-2013, 04:36 AM
Thinking on the art critique.
Klingon Honour Guard armour is based to look heavily ceremonial. These are the guys that guard the chancellor and the emperor. Lots of traditions to uphold as well as fufill the Klingon need to be deadly.
M.A.C.O. armour is based on the no nonsense federation armour. Smooth, simple, functional. Like their space suits, they are white. In many ways they took a space suit and slicked it down with some curved plates.
Omega Force Armour this seems like the mercenary set of the three, style is not even the thought here. Armour, check. Lots of weapons, check. Ugly, double check. It is made to be functional and not be too horrible to either the federation or the kdf. So it will work for any other factions that pop in as well for the neutral set.

Romulans. . . Let's look at their clothing choices for a while. TOS, colourful two tone uniforms with shiny parts and sashes on men and women. (To be fair most of TOS was colourful.) TNG, patterned puffy jackets and severe pants and boots. Some sign of the raptor on a belt or harness. in game Tal Shi'ar, two tone tops, durable pants and boots, pointy shoulders. Raptor insignia on belts and harnesses even larger than before.

Now we want a romulan armour: First I propose a throw back on the old TOS helmet. Using the basic shape of that but with a visor hiding the eyes. (Gives tac updates.). The chest piece should have enlarged shoulder points to match current trends, while the chest piece uses overlapping plates as it goes down the side of the ribs. Styled similar to folded wings or feathers. Center on the armoured belt will be the raptor in it's glory. Leading down to functional tough pants and hard boots that for the sake of style should look to have a knife tucked into it.
For colour I think we should use the RRW base yellow/brown on all the soft pieces. All parts of hard armour save for the raptor should be in shades of romulan green. This gives a passive camouflage on Mol'Rihan and will look sharp on stations and invading borg cubes.
The raptor should be in high gloss gold. You don't hide the raptor behind anything less than a full cloak.

As to the rifle suggestion. May I suggest a two type weapon as opposed to plasma grenades. make the second fire option be disruptor fire instead of plasma. So you show the heritage on both sides and it gives you longer before you have to swap your weapon or remodulate.