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Originally Posted by erhardgrund View Post
I have to say it bluntly, i hate the idea. Trek was about exploration, space battles and moral discussion where you learnt something new everyday, the joy was in understanding and striving for a greater cause while trying to get away from the negative side in all of us.
Sure it sounds a bit dull but thats what made trick big. Sci fi effects and moral plays in a starship.
This is absolutly right, but it' not all that Star Trek was. It was about exploration, but not just exploration of space in a space ship, but an exploration of ourselves, and trying to expand past our puny little selves and try and see things in a different light. Some of it was morality, a very good portion of it was morality as you said, but another portion of it was just trying to get past the mundane into something greater.

It's why Gene Roddenberry said in interviews he did some of his craziest things, to try and get us past the mundane. I'm sure when Gene pitched the idea for some of the creatures and ideas he pitched, he got the same negative response "This is stupid, this isn't Sci Fi, this will never work, I'm never going to watch your show."

Decades later his craziest most memorable ideas are the ones we remember the most, along side some of his most memorable moral choices. Gene was a visionary, he saw that "silly" and "stupid" made great Star Trek, and he went with it, and decades later we're playing a game that is celebrating his vision.

So call Dinosaurs with Lasers stupid. Call it "not Star Trek", because honestly I think if Gene had thought of it, he'd have gone with it, and loved it, and we'd be celebrating it today in STO.