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10-17-2013, 05:03 PM
It seems a lot of people cannot get past the dinosaurs with lasers part but if you read the dev blog it says the Viriosaurus Rex is best approached in a group which leads me to believe that it will be a hard mission that requires 3-5 players similar to how you fight the assimilated gorn in the deferi invasion zone, this says to me that it is probably not going to be a commonly occurring enemy otherwise it would lose its wow factor. The smaller raptor dinosaurs will probably be more common but we really don't know how many dinosaurs there will be, whether they are common or just specific to certain parts of the story/missions.

Personally I'm hoping that we don't just roll through and kill everything as is typical with this game. I would like missions that allow us to explore different areas of the sphere, solve problems that require some thought in order to advance and maybe and have some actual interactions with the Voth before we ultimately have to fight them. Perhaps even tying some missions into our commendation levels similar to how the diplomacy skill is used in certain missions in the featured episodes.

What I would like to know is where in the Delta Quadrant this sphere is supposed to be. Personally I would like it to be near the Talaxian homeworld as nothing would be better than having a Talaxian bridge officer like Neelix. They could even release his outfit in the cstore.

Also a Voyager pack would be a cool idea like they did with the DS9 pack - It could include a replica of Voyager's bridge, some of its interiors, Neelix and Kes's outfits along with the jacket Torres wore for a while and they could include the class2/type 9 shuttle and the compression phaser rifle. Klingons could just get the Neelix & Kes outfits and the rifle. They could also add in a few delta quadrant duty officers as well to sweeten the deal.