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10-17-2013, 04:58 PM
I sort of wished that the reputation system had been in from the start, then they could have had it based on everything you were doing in-game.

Each tier would unlock at each rank you achieved (Lieutenant Commander, Commander, Captain and so on) but the progress for items would be earned by completing the various assortment of missions you come across within said tiers/ranks; Omega rep items and passives for example, would be earned by completeing Borg related story missions, STFs, and other stuff in B'Tran sector block once you're at rear admiral rank.

Even when you "level" beyond a tier you'll always be able to contribute to it, by doing the tasks within the areas/sector blocks that relate to the rep you want to contribute to, even replaying old missions would count towards it.

Y'know sort of like how you'd expect to "earn" a reputation by well known captains, by actually doing "Starfleet/KDF/RR" related tasks, rather than just collecting items and dilithium like a cargo freighter captain, or miner, would.
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