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Originally Posted by omegaphallic View Post
Is there a Klingon equivalant?
Short answer - not yet.

The only way that we found we could pull this off, was if we could build a fleet of solid role players that both loved their hobby, and were situated around the globe. then we had to get enough of them to build a solid nucleus. Because of the map caps and the invitation mechanics involved, it's best to have several fleet members responding to requests to come aboard the station at one time. Any less than that and people find themselves doing nothing but answering requests and sending invites. Let's face it, it's a video game, not a second job. Folks will get burnt out and then nothing gets done.

So I had to build the 26th to a point where we have normally, 10 members online at any given time, with 1 to 5 at our lowest points. Our peaks range from 20 to 40 online. The more of us online at a time, the more the work is spread around evenly, is what I'm getting at.

Now, all of that being said, I do have a KDF fleet in the works, but it's still trying to build it's nucleus of players. As soon as that is done, I'm fairly sure we can open that starbase up to the public as well. In fact the young lady I have spear heading that project is already chomping at the bit after seeing tonight's opening for the 26th.

Heres the kicker though- any fleet can do this. In fact I would encourage any dedicated role play fleets on the KDF side to step forward and take on a leadership role in the RP community.

This isn't about recruitment, or fame for the 26th. It's about filling a need in a community that has gone without for far too long. A lot of us have played games where it's easy to bump into other role players. Star Wars Galaxies was famous for it's player cities. I myself learned my RP craft from the creators of Starsider's first RP city, Vagabond's Rest.

If you're interested in helping to bring the KDF RP community together, please send me an email in game, or on my fleet's forums. I'd post the information here, but I don't want to turn this into a recruitment thread.