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10-17-2013, 08:02 PM
Way to much for me to quote so I shall have to try and itemize.

I think I was not clear on my critique of the Omega look. It does look functional and I quite agree that with all those grenades strapped to it one of the set bonuses should have been the ability to throw a grenade. . .

Now my reason for comparing uniforms to armour is linear. Look at Klingon uniforms. ENT, TOS, TNG and onward. Hard, functional, and intimidating. All that leather and the shoulder pads you assume had some combat value. When they went to make something for the honour guard they stepped their style in that regard up a notch.
Starfleet uniforms, Colour coded for our convenience. But trim, less going on than in Archer's jumpsuit. In STO the basic armour everyone wears is a colour coded hard plastic uniform basically. When they did the M.A.C.O. it was spruced up with thicker parts to handle more damage. White like a space suit and when combining light, what do you get combining a bunch of colours? White. So it is the uniform of the Starfleet branches in a sense.

Hmm, you have a point on flared shoulder pads. Perhaps they can do the M.A.C.O. idea. at Mk XI you have very light shoulders. But the Mk XII has heavier pauldrons for better protection.

Hmm, since this is probably going to be RRW only they will most likely go with the new raptor only. If they do give the option I agree whole heartedly to make one gold and the other silver, too.

My only reservation on armouring the thighs is it possibly being a bit thick for a 'trim' suit. Perhaps hard portion 'pads'?
I do like the idea of hard greaves with a piece going over the kneecap.

Down to earth brown maybe what they were going for. Perhaps when they inevitably make recolouring an option you can go brown or green. I do like the blued silver for under portions with varied green upper portions. I mentioned shades of green so it could carry highlights and not look like a green blotch. Darker shade definitely work as well.

And well the rifle suggestion had two parts really. I liked the plasma/plasma you went with. It has a better feel for it. But none of the other highend armours came with a lingering effect like the plasma grenade does. I suggested the disruptor over/under concept to be unique and have an alternative incase they want to nix the grenade launcher.