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10-17-2013, 11:38 PM
Though have posted this in a thread pertaining to HOSE itself (and how it's broken) I thought would post the same here, as it definitely counts as one of my worst experiences:

Although some PvE heroes refuse to accept that there is anything wrong HOSE, I PuG'ed it again last night..... and was reminded of why I hadn't bothered with it for months.

We warped in, myself - using my Fleet Rhode Island, a Scimitar, a Patrol Escort an Avenger and a Fleet DSSV.

First stage went okay - the Scimitar player bailed after dying four times, leaving four of us to deal with the tac cubes, but we soldiered on and completed that section.

Then the unimatrix ships appeared. All seemed okay at first but, as discussed in another thread on the same subject, it does seem that the mission bugs out if you don't kill one of the unimatrix ships within a set timeframe. Anyway - we got ship one down to 48% (bearing in mind only four of us, and I was playing sci and trying to crowd control the probes and spheres) and the lance starts charging. I duck underneath the uni-ship, hoping that the 'under the guns' buff would actually work. My mistake - I get one-shotted.

Respawn and fly back, and attempt to resume my crowd-control role. The Avenger, making sure to stay close to the Queen's ship, gets DOUBLE lanced.

I attempt an attack on the uni ship - a tad pointless since my Rhode Island is great at crowd control but not huge on DPS. I make sure to remain close to the queen's ship and manage to deal a little damage before taking another one-shot lance.

Fly back in and quickly realise that the other two had been taken out again - painful wait for team-mates to respawn ensues, and have the delight of having to watch the uni ship's health returning. Once we were all back I decide to resume crowd control, but sadly quickly realise that I am on my own - the other two having been taken out again, though I didn't actually see what happened that time.

At this point we all agree that we should do what SO MANY others do in HOSE - bail on it and leave it well alone until the next time we forget what a pile of crap it is.

Seems like a bit of sad joke to me - the mission that so many try to play yet so frequent seems to end with players bailing out of sheer frustration.
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